Friday, January 6, 2017

January Secret Subject Swap

Welcome to the January Secret Subject Swap! This week 12 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. 

The prompt I received was: "What do you consider rude?  Would you make it a crime?  What would the punishment be?
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I think rude is subjective. Meaning that it all depends on the person. Some people would consider it rude to put your elbows on the dining table, but here in the South, most everyone eats that way. Rude varies from country, culture, and region. Rude is mostly a social concept to define what is considered the "social norm." When you take into account that every person, family, culture, are different, rude doesn't even carry the same meaning. 

What I consider rude is being blatantly unkind. I don't care if you chew with your mouth open, forget your ma'ams and sirs, but being unkind is rude. Letting the door slam on the person right behind you is rude. Saying harsh and cruel things about another person is rude. 

And then there's the minor infractions that frustrate most everyone, but can they really be considered "rude" by definition? Things like: cutting someone off in traffic, not using a turn signal, tailgating, using the last of something and not replacing it, littering, things that affect all of us? If it affects someone else in a negative manner, its rude.

So where do we draw the line? Simply put, we can't, the line is too blurred. With that being said, it's too hard to classify something so subjective as a crime. Things like "assault" are a blanket statement and cover various types of assault. Same thing with rude, it's such blanket statement that covers various infractions. It would be hard to make the punishment fit the crime. 

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  1. I completely agree, rude is not about breaking social norms, it's about harming others.

  2. Love how you handled this prompt. It's always fun to see who gets it and what the prompt was as I forget what I gave Karen months ago.

  3. Rude is hard for me to define to my kids too. I've often used it to cover a lot of different "not nice" actions and behaviors.

  4. Your definition of rude is a good one -- if it affects someone else in a negative manner, it's rude. Imagine if everyone practiced not doing that for a week...a month....forever!

  5. I agree, "rude" is hard to measure because it depends on the victim's perception. Some are social snowflakes and are offended by everything and everyone, others are better at sucking it up.
    To me, rude is kind of the contrary of considerate and thoughtful, it certainly involves a good portion of selfishness, and also they're not charming enough to mask their rudeness.
    I like to think that nature usually runs its course, and Karma will strike sooner or later.

  6. I have been told at times that I was rude to someone, usually one of my daughters say it, I didn't think I was rude had no idea at all that I was rude, I wish you had a follow via email option so I could always come back when you do a post

    1. Hi Jo-Anne! I added a gadget so you could follow me my email! I'm still new to this and learning! Thank you for wanting to come visit again!

  7. Oh the list would be long, but elbows on the table wouldn't make it in my house. You're right it's a southern thing.

  8. Exactly! Being unkind is the rudest thing of all. In any context.