Friday, January 20, 2017

January Fly on the Wall

It's that time again! When you're invited in to take a peek on what 9 brave bloggers have going on in their worlds! Come on in and buzz around!

My word for this month is recovery. We're still recovering, and reeling from 2016. It was a rough year for us all around. Our bank accounts, waist lines, and the organization of our home have all take a beating. It's a disaster area around here.

This will be the first Fly on the Wall that I don't have any humorous anecdotes to share. I neglected to write any of them down, even though I know there were a few very worthy of mention. I've had the January blues this month, I guess. All I've done is sit on the couch and binge watch TV. I've tried to jump start my exercise program again, but to no avail.

I recently got hooked on Shameless. I'm always so late to the party on everything but when I finally take advice on entertainment, I end up sucked in with no reprieve until the story line is finished. Whatevs.

My brother is getting married. And it is like the most stressful thing. I will be so glad when it's over. I'm glad I mostly picked the bridesmaid dresses, because they are totally re-wearable. He wants Ben to wear his dress blues though, and it is costing a small fortune to get them ready, since he hasn't worn them in over 2 years, nor after he ranked up and gained more medals and ribbons while he was in.

We had a positively lovely Christmas together. Breakfast went off without a hitch and Santa brought Scarlett a red and black Corvette she loves to speed around in, too bad she can't steer it!

I also went out for the first time in a year! I forgot how bad hangovers suck when you're old, but I had a great time listening to live music!

Well that's all I have for y'all this time, buzz on over and see what my friends have for ya!

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