Thursday, May 18, 2017

May Fly on the Wall

What's up guys?! It's that time again, time for the fly on the wall, your look inside 8 brave bloggers homes! Come on in and take a look around, and make sure to follow the links at the bottom to check out what my friends have for you.

Let me tell you guys, my life has been super boring lately. I've spent most of the past couple of months questioning if it's too late for coffee or too early for wine? There's just that spot right there in the middle where uncertainty arises.

I actually had one of those mother's days that every mom wants. Okay, scratch that it was the weekend. On Friday I was kid free all day, and went with a girlfriend shopping all day, out for lunch, and then pedicures, ended with happy hour drinks. Then my wonderful brother and sister-in-law asked to take the little diva for the night and most of the next day, so I got TWO kid free days! I relaxed, had breakfast in bed (thanks husband), and then spent the afternoon sitting by the river with friends. Then we had an awesome grilled dinner with other friends, during which the tiny diva was returned to us. We went home and got some good sleep before church and visiting all the mothers in our life! I have my mom and both my grandmas still, and Ben has his mom and Grandma. It was super fun, but tiring!

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