Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Fly has the Flu

The flu swept through south Georgia like the bubonic plague. Seriously. I don't think I've ever been so sick in my entire life, and guess who else was sick? Scarlett, and both us miserable and sick doesn't make for the best combination. Pretty sure Ben got it too, and he had to work, so it's safe to say the fly got it too. Entire schools were shutting down because everyone had the flu, and it was once again some weird strain not covered in the vaccine.

In other news, I'm that kind of busy where you've got so many things to do you lay on the couch and contemplate life and nothing gets done. It's insane, I'm going insane. I feel like I'm constantly running in place, I can't imagine what its going to be like one day when I have two kids.

I also decided to write a novel, as if I didn't have enough to do already. I had this pretty cool story line I had been formulating in my head and let me just say, it is not as easy as it seems. It's really hard to make characters three dimensional, especially when you haven't even named them yet.

I just signed my baby girl up for pre-pre-k. She's super excited to go, she doesn't understand it's not starting until August. I, on the other hand am not so excited.

She turned three in March and we took her to the Zoo in Jacksonville, Fl! It was absolutely amazing, and we got to see one of the tigers napping up close!

 We're clearing land for my mom to move in next to my grandparents. Lucky her, she gets to live in the most beautiful place in the world,but they sure are having to take down a lot of trees. Joel and I couldn't resist a moment to ham it up. We're still the same old Joel and Danielle my momma raised, some things never change.

 Scarlett decided her beautiful face need make up. She also had so much bronzer on her feet that she was brown! I hated to get chastise her, it was the most adorable thing in the world to me and I promptly moved my make up out of reach.

Ben and I done something really painful, but really "adult-like." We put almost his entire raise towards insurance for ourselves, health, dental, vision, and whole life. Adulting is so hard. 

Shoutout to my Samsung S6 Active! If you're like me and always destroy your phones, this one's for you. I dropped it in my oatmeal the other day and took it to the sink and rinsed it off. I'm so obsessed with it and will only use indestructible phones from now on!

Well that's all I've got for you until next time! Buzz around and see what my friends have for you!

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Friday, April 7, 2017


I'm Ceraya, and this is the April secret subject swap.

Your “Secret Subject” is:
You found out your family is throwing you a surprise birthday party, how would you throw hints as to what you wanted at the party.
It was submitted by:         

I actually had to consult with my family to make sure my first reaction about myself was the right reaction, and it was. Initially I thought, "I can't keep a secret when I'm excited!"

And they said it was true. Alas, I have a big mouth! I can keep serious thing secret, but when I'm excited, it's all coming out! So most likely the would probably know as soon as I figured out and start calling each other to tell them I knew already. 

I would probably start out dropping really heavy hints, asking what they've got planned for my birthday. Telling my husband I really like this food, it would be a nice party food. Sending him color schemes on pinterest and tagging him in outfits and shoes I like on Facebook.

Closer to time, if they still hadn't figured it out, I'd be asking the big questions. Especially if I hadn't gotten confirmation. I'd be acting like I was going to make plans to do some solo spa trip,even though I hate being by myself more often than not. I'm a bit of an anomaly, I'm an introverted extrovert. 

With all that being said, I don't think they could keep it a secret from me either. Especially not my husband and grandma, I could probably work it out of them pretty easily.

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