Friday, April 7, 2017


I'm Ceraya, and this is the April secret subject swap.

Your “Secret Subject” is:
You found out your family is throwing you a surprise birthday party, how would you throw hints as to what you wanted at the party.
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I actually had to consult with my family to make sure my first reaction about myself was the right reaction, and it was. Initially I thought, "I can't keep a secret when I'm excited!"

And they said it was true. Alas, I have a big mouth! I can keep serious thing secret, but when I'm excited, it's all coming out! So most likely the would probably know as soon as I figured out and start calling each other to tell them I knew already. 

I would probably start out dropping really heavy hints, asking what they've got planned for my birthday. Telling my husband I really like this food, it would be a nice party food. Sending him color schemes on pinterest and tagging him in outfits and shoes I like on Facebook.

Closer to time, if they still hadn't figured it out, I'd be asking the big questions. Especially if I hadn't gotten confirmation. I'd be acting like I was going to make plans to do some solo spa trip,even though I hate being by myself more often than not. I'm a bit of an anomaly, I'm an introverted extrovert. 

With all that being said, I don't think they could keep it a secret from me either. Especially not my husband and grandma, I could probably work it out of them pretty easily.

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